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Chronic kidney disease

In Spain it is estimated that there are about 62,000 people with chronic renal failure. The treatment of the disease accounts for about 3% of the annual health expenditure and it is predictable that this cost is increasing, because renal pathologies are associated with the aging of the population. The dialysis has an average cost […]

Diabetic foot amputation prevention

Foot amputation is one of the most serious consequences of disease progression in patients with T2 Diabetes and one of the areas where efficient patient and caregiver activation, along with the correct definition of the management process of these patients, guarantees an immediate creation of value that moves to quality of life and efficiency of […]

Breast cancer

Each year more than 26,000 cases are diagnosed in Spain. The medical expense will depend on the stage at time of detection. The highest cost component is chemotherapy. The two main determinants of the total cost of breast cancer are the initial treatment of stages I to III and the cost of stage IV reaching […]

Vaccination Card

The efficiency of the vaccination program depends on the correct monitoring by society. Providing effective tools to monitor the vaccination plan for families and individuals who are at risk, facilitates adherence to vaccination programs. Blockchain also allows the traceability of these vaccines both for monitoring their distribution and storage and for financing according to the […]

Colon cancer

It is currently the most frequently detected cancer in Spain with over 90,000 patients a year, but also the one that is cured the most often when diagnosed early. It involves an average cost per patient that ranges between 27,000 and 60,000 euros per year depending on the treatments used. Early detection is important, and […]

Heart failure

Heart failure affects 1.2 million patients in Spain that represent 3.8% of total health expenditure. The annual expenditure per patient rises to 18,000 euros, which can be increased considerably depending on the hospital admissions of each of them. The key to reducing these figures is prevention from an early age, and once the problem is […]

Cognitive impairment

Around 90,000 people in Spain suffer from this pathology, and the cost per patient amounts to 27,274 euros / year. The most advanced patient management programs with Diabetes T1 are demonstrating the effectiveness of giving patients feedback on the stability of their blood glucose. The numerous tools available for the monitoring of these patients¬†enable their […]

Radiological Dosimetry

Radiation protection of the patient is an integral part of the quality of care. In February 2018, Directive 2013/59 EURATOM entered into force, which establishes the basic safety standards for the protection against hazards arising from exposure to ionizing radiation. According to “Radiation Protection No. 180 of the European Commission” in Spain more than 35 […]