Javier Colás

Engineer & Doctor. Medtronic former CEO. Innovation manager in Health Care Institute.

Enrique Castellón

Doctor of internal medicine and Economist. Former Sergas General Manager.

Cristina Dolan

Industrial Engineer. Ex IBM executive & Oracle. Vicepresident of MIT business forum.

Mónica Villas

Industrial Engineer. Ex IBM executive. MBA Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

Alberto Martínez

Biochemical and Molecular Biologist. Ex Bancoval technology manager.

Antonio Isiegas

Industrial Engineer. Ex GE Healthcare business development.

Manuel Castellón

Lawyer and Economist. Castellon Lawyers Founder.

Maria Jaraiz

Lawyer specialized in Corporate Castellon Lawyers Founder.

Pablo Cabello

Molecular Biologist. Foundation Jimenez Diaz.

José Luis Vallejo

Sngular President Co-founder Buy Vip.

Advisory Committee

Daniel Carreño

Vicepresident of Chamber of American Commerce. Vicepresident of Achievement Foundation.

Josep María Piqué

Doctor and Exmanager of Gastroenterology of Clinic Hospital in Barcelona.

Javier Ellena

Executive of Lilly Corporation Member of Cotec Foundation (2001-2017)

Germán Seara

Innovation Manager of San Carlos Hospital Former manager of INSALUD.

Fernando Carballo

President of Spanish Federation of Medical Scientific Societies.

6 Industry Leaders.

3 Hospitals CEOs.

4 Healthcare Admin and Economy Leaders.

4 Managers of medical departments.

4 Innovation Agencies Leaders.

6 New technologies leaders.

4 Specialist in Communication, Education and Patient activation.